Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Budget Notice From Pat Gantt to Board of Directors

Here's the notice Pat Gantt sent to the Board of Directors yesterday about the state budget:

TO: CSUEU Board Members
From: Pat Gantt
Sent: Tue 8/21/2007 3:46 PM

Dear CSUEU Board Members:

The Senate passed a budget on a 27-12 vote with Senators Ackerman and Maldonado joining the Democrats for the two-thirds vote needed for passage. (California is only 1 of three states in the nation that have the two-thirds requirement).

The Senate also passed a series of trailer bills all of which were previously approved by the Assembly. The Governor has indicated that he will veto approximately $700 million in the budget to ensure that the 2007-08 budget has “no net operating deficit”; however, there are indications that the CSU funding will not be part of those reductions.

The responses and feedback from CSUEU members and other CSU constituent groups helped preserve the funding for the CSU this budget year from further erosion proposed by some legislators. We wait anxiously for the Governor’s signature on the passed budget so we can start working on the next years budget.

In Union,
Pat Gantt

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