Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Library Services Specialists Bulletin

[This information was distributed at the Bargaining Unit Council meeting on August 4, 2007.]

The Public Employees Relations Board [PERB] has determined that it is in the best interests of all parties to conduct a formal hearing on the joint Unit Modification petition filed by CSUEU and CSU to place the Library Service Specialist classification series into Bargaining Unit 9.

Pursuant to the terms of a settlement agreement entered into by CSU, APC and CSUEU in June 2007:

  • CSUEU and CSU filed a new Unit Modification Petition which seeks to place the LSS classification in Bargaining Unit 9.
  • APC agreed not to contest this Unit Modification Petition.
  • CSUEU and CSU requested that PERB hold a hearing on the Unit Modification Petition and issue a decision giving their reasons for the placement of the LSS classifiction in BU 9.
  • Subject to final determination by PERB, incumbent Library Assistants shall be transferred/transitioned/reclassified from BU 7 to the appropriate classification in BU9.
  • Incumbent Lead Library Assistants will have the option of being reclassified into the appropriate LSS classification or remaining in their current classification.
  • As Lead Library Assistant classifications are vacated, new hires shall be placed in the appropriate LSS classification in the bargaining unit determined to be appropriate by PERB.
  • CSU withdrew their Unit Modification petition which sought to place the LSS classification in BU 7. APC withdrew their Unit Modification petition which sought to place the LSS classification in BU 4. Therefore, the only petition before PERB is now the CSUEU/CSU petition to place the LSS classification in BU 9.

A pre-conference call between PERB, CSU and CSUEU will be held in mid-August to determine the hearing schedule, as well as what additional information is needed to supplement the existing record and how many witnesses may be called. APC told PERB that "they didn't need to be on this conference call." At this point, we envision two days of hearings – one day in Sacramento and one day in Los Angeles.

CSUEU will continue to keep you informed throughout this Unit Modification process.

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