Thursday, August 16, 2007

LSS Conference Call Report

Teven Laxer is a Senior Labor Relations Representative with CSUEU and works in the Sacramento office.
Here's his summary of yesterday's conference call:

This is a brief report of the conference call today between CSUEU, CSU and PERB regarding the upcoming Unit Modification hearing on the placement of Library Services Specialists in BU 9.

  • There will be two days of hearing
    Day One - Chancellor's Office, Long Beach
    Day Two - Sacramento PERB office

  • We are looking at two days in October. Possible dates include October 15-17-18-24-25-30.

  • PERB is interested in testimony in support of documents already in evidence as follows:
    • What is the composition of Unit 9? What kind of work is performed?
    • Testimony supporting contention that work performed by LAs has evolved from "BU 7 work" to "BU 9 work."
    • Testimony describing the work performed by Admin Specialist/Analyst, Info Tech Consultant, and Visual Resources Specialist

    After the conference call, I spent some time discussing details with Sharyn Abernatha of the CSU. Sharyn will be responsible for finding classification expert witnesses (like Gina) who will testify about the makeup of BU 9. The CSU also intends to present some additional testimony about why they now believe the LSS class should now be in BU 9, rather than BU 7. Sharyn and I will be looking at the transcript of the first LA hearing to see what testimony should be supplemented. Sharyn plans to bring at least one Library director to testify.

  • CSUEU is looking for the best witnesses in these areas:
    • Library Assistants who can describe specific changes in their work assignments over the years showing that LSS work has become more "technical" and less "clerical." - probably 2 or 3 LAs at most.
    • Library Assistants who have promoted into Unit 9 classes, but are actually performing what will become "LSS work."
    • Incumbents in classes such as A/AS, ITC and visual resource specialist who can articulately describe their background, credentials, experience and job duties and responsibilities.
PERB would like to set the two hearing dates by the end of this week. Please let me know if you would like to be a witness at the hearing and what dates work best for you. If there are other people you would like to recommend, please send me their name(s) and email address(es) as soon as possible. In addition, if you have a recommendation for a Library Director who could best support the placement of LSS into BU 9, please send me their name, campus and email address.

Please contact Teven only if you would like to be a witness or recommend someone else as a witness. General questions should be directed to your Bargaining Unit Rep or the Chair and Vice Chair. Teven can be reached at Tevenl at remove

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