Thursday, August 9, 2007

PeopleSoft = No Pay for Arizona State Employees

The move to PeopleSoft at Arizona State has left hundreds of employees high and dry with smaller or empty paychecks. Employees are bouncing checks and having to scramble for loans to pay bills.

Arizona State University's new PeopleSoft payroll software has shorted the paychecks of hundreds of employees since it was put into operation last month, forcing some employees to seek emergency loans to make ends meet.

More than 700 of the university's 15,000 faculty and staff members received less money than they should have, including some people who didn't receive any pay at all.

Leah Hardesty, media-relations officer for the university, said the software was installed on July 1. Because of a combination of technical and user errors, she said, payroll glitches have plagued the system for the past two pay periods.

The University's response has been underwhelming:

Jay Reinke, a painter for the university, said he had just come back from vacation to find his paycheck was made out for $0.00. He said it took a week before he got all the money he was owed. "They couldn't even tell me what was going on," he said.

Thomas Mendenhall, another painter at the university, said he ended up bouncing five checks when he too was paid $0.00. His paycheck is usually deposited automatically in his bank account.


It took about a week before the university paid him, he said, and even then he received less than he was owed. "I am going to take legal action," Mr. Mendenhall said. "The timing was horrible. The response was horrible."

The university says it will reimburse employees for late fees and overdraft fees, but is making no such promises regarding interest on loans the employees had to take out.

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New Payroll Software at Arizona State U. Shorts Hundreds of Employees (Chronicle for Higher Education)

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New Payroll Software at Arizona State U. Shorts Hundreds of Employees (Subscribers only - Chronicle for Higher Education)

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Anonymous said...

It's June 2008 and I'm still spending time auditing my pay stub. The problem continues.