Thursday, August 16, 2007

Volunteers Sought for CSUEU Standing Committees

If you have chapter activists who are interested in serving on a CSUEU standing committee, now's the time to send their names to the statewide officers. The standing committees are:
Membership Dues
Policy File

Members of these committees are financed to attend their committee meetings, which typically take place at the CSUEU Board of Directors meetings, on the Friday before the Saturday/Sunday Board of Directors meeting. There is no chapter expense unless the chapter chooses to finance the committee member to stay a little longer in order to attend the Board of Directors meeting.

The statewide officers are:
Pat Gantt (President): pgantt at
Ronnie Grant (Vice President for Organizing): ronnie at
Lori Williams (Vice President for Finance): lwilliam at
Dennis Dillon (Vice President for Representation): ddillon at

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