Monday, September 17, 2007

Black Tuesday, Email Campaign, and Protest: What are you doing?

Chancellor Reed disapproves of giving tax dollars to the wealthy – unless they're his own executives, of course:

"It's just bad public policy to give wealthy people government funds," said Reed, who now runs the California State University system.
[from Bright Futures Changes at Hand, (Tampa Bay Online)]
The CSU offered CSUEU the lowest GSI of any union. The CSU bargaining team didn't even bother to bargain seriously – they declared impasse and walked out after spending only a few minutes hearing our concerns about their initial proposal.

Tomorrow, the CSU Board of Trustees will consider a recommendation to give yet another big raise to CSU's top executives. What are you doing about it?

Email Campaign
CSUEU officers will be addressing the Board of Trustees Tuesday and Wednesday. Email the CSU officials and the Board of Trustees to add your voice to theirs. Make sure the CSU knows you are behind the bargaining team 100% in opposing these outlandish raises. Tell the CSU it's time to get serious about bargaining with CSUEU. Let them know you're tired of seeing the CSU increase executive compensation over and over again, while thumbing their noses at the employees who are the backbone of this university.

Black Tuesday
Courtesy of Chapter 316, we have the "Black Tuesday" campaign: wear black tomorrow, and every Friday after that, until we are heard. The Black Tuesday flyer can be downloaded and used by any chapter.

Protest at the Chancellor's Office
On Tuesday, September 18, from 10:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., CSUEU will be at the Chancellor’s Office to express our outrage at the disparate salary increases between the haves and the have-nots. The Chancellor says he is interested in remedying salary inequities for staff, and in the same breath provides nearly double the salary increase for MPPs and quadruple the salary increase for CSU Executives that he is providing to staff.

We will have CSUEU staff, signs, noisemakers and a bullhorn on hand. There will be lunch for the first 50 people. All we need is you.

What will you do?
The people we've elected to bargain on our behalf don't operate in a vacuum. Show the Trustees you support the bargaining team's efforts to secure fair compensation, by sending email, wearing black, going to the protest, or all three. Let your outrage, as both a hardworking employee and taxpayer, show.

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