Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chapter 304 Action: Contract Distribution, Picnic

Contract handout:
Recently, Chapter 304 (Sonoma) officers had a pile of printed contracts. "Hmm," they thought, "what to do?" Bring them to chapter meetings, sure. Give some to each steward to have on hand, sure. Make sure new employees had them, sure. Yet, somehow, those tried and true approaches just weren't enough on their own. Reliable and useful, but not... festive.

So at lunchtime, President Mike Hearty , Vice President Leeanne Bowes, and Chief Steward Liona Spring headed outside and stationed themselves at a high-traffic spot on campus, near the clock tower. Whenever a bargaining unit employee passed by, an officer chatted briefly with the person and offered him or her a contract. It didn't take long to use up their supply, since employees were happy to get their hands on a copy.

No tables, no schedules, no permits, no flyers, and no announcements to write. They just showed up, put a friendly face on the union, reminded employees that the union's working for them, and made a difference by distributing useful information. How's that for an easy and worthwhile chapter event?

Chapter picnic:
Chapter 304's annual picnic is today. Their special guests this year are:

  • California Assemblyman Jared Huffman
  • CSUEU President Pat Gantt
  • CSUEU Chief of Staff Phil Coonley
About two hundred employees are expected, to hear from the guests, eat, and enter the drawings for what is described as "a pile" of gift card prizes.

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Anonymous said...

The Picnic was awesome, even if I didn't win a gift card. Thanks for the great event.