Thursday, September 13, 2007

CSU Set to Increase Executive Pay Again

Next week, the CSU Board of Trustees will consider a recommendation to raise top executive salaries by an average of 11.8%, retroactive to July 1, 2007.

Just last week the CSU offered CSUEU-represented employees the lowest General Salary Increase (GSI) of any union. The CSU's first offer quickly became its final offer, when the CSU's chief negotiator declared bargaining to be at impasse after spending only a few minutes at the table to hear CSUEU's concerns about the CSU proposal.

The report of the Committee on University and Faculty Personnel details the proposed pay increases, which affect the Chancellor, the campus presidents, and a few other executives at the Chancellor's Office.

CSUEU blasts double-digit raises for top CSU execs (CSUEU)
CSU execs may get 12 percent raise (Inside Bay Area)
CSU Board of Trustees agendas and meeting documents

The Board of Trustees meets September 18-19 at the Chancellor's Office.

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