Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inside a Unionbusting Seminar

Here's an eye-opening read: A writer goes undercover inside a union-busting seminar. Because the organizers of the seminar watch for "spies" (such as journalists and union organizers), the writer has to register under someone else's name to attend. The seminar content is a weird mixture of paranoia, plugs for the sponsoring law firm's services, and recommendations against dealing honestly with employees and unions. The instructors advise companies to "undermine the union by rejecting all of its demands during negotiations."

A few quotes from the two men conducting the seminar:

“We’re not moralists. We’re lawyers.”
“Unions think money grows on trees!”
“They’ll attempt to destroy you no matter how good you are.”
“We’re lucky to have a George Bush labor board.”
“What happens if this statement is a lie? ... It’s still lawful: The labor board doesn’t really care if people are lying.”
Unionbusting Confidential (In These Times)

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