Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lieutenant Governor Garamendi Opposes CSU Exec Raises

The Lieutenant Governor has written to Chancellor Reed and Board of Trustees Chair Roberta Achtenberg opposing the planned executive pay raises:

"I believe the formal policy on executive compensation and the proposal to provide salary increases to CSU executives is ill-timed and unwise."
Garamendi raises a number of awkward points, these among them:
"1. The CSU system is now in the third month of the current budget, and there is no line item in the budget for any increase beyond what was approved last year. Exactly what program will be cut to pay for the increases?"
"4. In actual dollars, the amount of the pay increases received by many executives is greater that the total annual pay of many other CSU employees, such as janitors, groundskeepers, and food service employees. Furthermore, the total dollar increase is greater that the take home pay of non-tenured faculty. The gross unfairness of this cannot be denied, and should cause all of the Trustees to pause to consider the difficulty that many of the loyal employees of the university face in making ends meet in their daily life."
He also takes them to task for continuing to schedule Board of Trustees meetings in conflict with the University of California Board of Regents meetings, preventing him from attending both. The Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, and the Superintendant of Public Instruction, also ex-officio members of both boards, are affected by the same problem.

Proposed 12% California State University Executive Pay Increase Opposed by Lt. Governor Garamendi in Light of Student Fee Increases (California Progress Report)
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