Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trustees Meet Today to Discuss Executive Pay Raises

At 8 am today, the CSU Board of Trustees' Committee on University Faculty and Personnel will convene to discuss executive compensation and the plan to give CSU campus presidents and system executives another round of large raises. Later the full CSU Board of Trustees will vote on the proposal. Will the Trustees have the courage to say "no" to the latest in a history of generous executive pay increases?

In favor:
Chancellor Reed and his cronies

Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi
State Legislators
Taxpayers who don't like seeing their money wasted

CSUEU officers Pat Gantt and Dennis Dillon will be addressing the full Board of Trustees today. (Sources indicate they will not be honoring the holiday when they speak, but we remain hopeful.)

CSU's plans for generous executive pay raises is attracting more attention than the CSU probably hoped:
CSU Weighs raising salaries (Long Beach Press Telegram)
ArmiƱana among CSU execs getting raises (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
CSU, UC leaders consider financial issues this week (AP via San Francisco Chronicle)
Lt. Governor: Executive pay hike is "unnecessary" and "extremely offensive" (Unit 9 News)
Proposed 12% California State University Executive Pay Increase Opposed by Lt. Governor Garamendi in Light of Student Fee Increases (California Progress Report)
Lt. Governor John Garamendi Blasts Proposed CSU Executive Pay Increase (press release)
CSU Students Pay While Execs Play, Again! (California Chronicle)
As fees rise, CSU execs stand to get 11.8% raises (San Francisco Chronicle)
CSU execs may get 12 percent raise (Inside Bay Area)

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