Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Black Friday Is Coming - Are You Ready?

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Chapter 316, San Luis Obispo, has kindly shared a new flyer promoting Black Friday. For those of you just joining us, Black Friday is the follow-up to Black Tuesday, the day the CSU Board of Trustees' Collective Bargaining Committee met. The Black Friday campaign declares this Friday and every Friday a day of mourning until the CSU agrees to a contract with reasonable compensation increases. The CSU counts on employees to pay little attention to bargaining. Wearing black on Fridays is one simple action employees can take to show the CSU we're not forgetting our stalled contract negotiations, or the CSU's lousy offers.

The flyer can be used by any chapter, as is. If your chapter makes your own version, let us know, and we'll post yours here too.

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Anonymous said...

Wednesday is Chapter 304's "Wear Black to Work Day". Wednesday is generally the day we do most of our union meetings reason being why we chose Wednesday.