Thursday, October 11, 2007

Legislation to Improve CSU Governance: Contact Governor Now

Time is running out to urge the governor to sign AB 1413 and SB 190.

Knowing two audits of CSU compensation practices are underway, the CSU rushed to raise executive salaries before those audit results could be made public. As justification, the CSU cited a report they won't produce, using data they won't reveal. During the Board of Trustees meeting Chancellor Reed claimed to have had difficulty recruiting executives, but when challenged was unable to identify a single case.

It's awfully convenient to be able to say "I can't tell you why, but I deserve a raise." How well would that work with your boss? How well would that work at the bargaining table? Unfortunately for taxpayers, students, and employees, Reed doesn't have to make a real case for a raise. He has only to ask, and the CSU Board of Trustees rubber-stamps his proposal.

It should be plain to anyone now that the CSU cannot be trusted to manage taxpayer dollars responsibly without more oversight. AB 1413 and SB 190 will help.

In the LA Daily News, California Faculty Association President Lillian Taiz writes:

Clearly, left to their own devices the CSU administration and board of trustees will continue to make this type of activity business as usual. They have already indicated that they plan to raise executive salaries by an additional 40 percent over the next four years.

If we are ever to restore public confidence and pride in the system that has educated millions of California's working people, we must demand meaningful reform.

Contact the governor today and urge him to sign AB 1413 and SB 190. Here's now to contact the governor:
  • Use the governor's web site to send him an email:
  • Call his office at: 916-445-2841
  • Send him a FAX at: 916-445-4633
CSU's reform chance lies in AB 1413 (LA Daily News)
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