Friday, October 5, 2007

Taxpayers Sue CSU Over Executive Pay Raises

Two taxpayers who graduated from CSU San Bernardino have filed suit against the CSU and Chancellor Reed, challenging the recent executive pay increases. The suit argues that the retroactive pay increases are unconstitutional and an illegal gift of public funds, and seeks to have the money returned.

California Faculty Association President Lillian Taiz has an article in the California Progress Report on the executive pay raises, the lawsuit, and AB 1413:

The plan to raise executive pay by 40% over the next four years and the move to make it retroactive so that executives already earning over a quarter of a million dollars a year is just another example of a CSU Administration that is running the CSU more like Enron than a public institution. Plain and simple – the CSU Administration doesn’t make decisions based on what is best for students and faculty, they make decisions that benefit themselves financially.

Anyone who has picked up a newspaper over the past several years is likely to be well versed in the laundry list of executive abuses and scandals that have plagued the CSU system. The Administration handed out millions of dollars in six-figure deals for “no show” consulting gigs and for departing executives (transition pay). One campus president took a job in Paris while another system executive went to a new position in Atlanta. Between them they pocketed over $330,000.

Media coverage of the lawsuit:

More article and opinion pieces on the recent executive pay hike and legislation:

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Anonymous said...

University administrators are nearly always undereducated and mendacious self-serving plutocrats.