Monday, November 19, 2007

Bargaining Unit Council 9 Report: November 17, 2007

Bargaining Unit Council 9 met Saturday, November 17, 2007, in Redondo Beach. Here is the report from the Chair, Rich McGee:

In-Range Progression:
We're urging every employee to formally apply for an in-range progression. Not every employee will receive one, but a written record of the attempt will show the Chancellor's Office that, as CSUEU Pat Gantt told Chancellor Reed, we don't have a market equity issue. We have an issue with employees failing to move through their salary ranges.

Exempt issues:
We get a lot of questions about the implications of exempt status, and people often get different answers from different people. Unit 9 is putting together a small working group, to research exempt issues and put together a central, consistent source of information. We will publish this information on the Unit 9 site, so everyone can use it.

Outsourcing appears to be increasing. Because we're often not aware of new external contracts, Teven Laxer has suggested that each chapter have their LRR do an information request, requesting a copy of all contracts currently in place. If a contract was written for more than 180 days, then we need to look more closely at it, and file if necessary.

Job postings:
Just a reminder: Check the job announcements on your campus to make sure they're correctly classified and consistent with the Classification and Qualification Standards. If they aren't consistent, file a grievance.

LSS series:
The PERB decision about the LSS series is due soon, and we look forward to welcoming 500 new members to Unit 9.

Unit 9 Information online:
The Unit 9 web site has links to:
Unit 9 News, an online newsletter for Unit 9. Most content turns out to be of general interest. Unit 9 News is updated frequently, and has a newsfeed and an archive. This Bargaining Unit Council report will be posted there.
Union Resources, a one-stop source for all kinds of useful information for activists and members. If you're looking for something and we don't have it there, tell us and we will add it.

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