Monday, November 12, 2007

Chapter 304 Action: Information Table November 13

Leeanne Bowes, Vice President of Chapter 304 (Sonoma), reports on her chapter's plans for Tuesday:

Chapter 304 will have a table set up on Tuesday, November 13th to show our support. Our new LRR will be there, we will also hand out info on a letter writing, phone calling campaign to the CO's office. At the same time we will also be recruiting new members as many fee payers believe they are members. We will be handing out contracts, new employee packets, RRR buttons, and a flyer with info on how to contact the Chancellor with an example of a letter they can send.

Some members of Chapter 304 have formed a Staff Action Coalition. They are the ones who should get credit for this table. Members of the Board will also be taking times at the table on Tuesday.

What's your chapter doing? Email us and we'll post it here!

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