Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chapter 308 Action: IRP Workshops, 35 New Stewards, Joint Labor Picnic

Chapter 308 (Stanislaus) has been busy, busy, busy. After claiming thinking gave him a headache, chapter president Frank Borelli gave in and told us:

Rita Long and Dawn McCulley did an IRP workshop for the academic staff in the departments. We just had a Labor Picnic on campus sponsored by CFA and CSUEU. We recently had steward training and trained 35 new stewards over two days. We are planning a quarterly meeting on December 14, 2007 for the membership.

We approached the President and his cabinet recently about staff workload issues. All VP's met with their areas and are assessing staff workloads and asking for ideas for process improvement from staff. Staff are also involved with process reengineering of their work. We have also asked to have managers communicate better and help set work priorities. The President had us meet with the MPP's and give a presentation on staff workload. We in the labor business are really proud of how well we are working with management. That sounds weird but it is true. Sure we all know that things could change quickly but really welcome the current relationship. We are all appreciative of our new President and how he has set the stage for cooperation between labor and management. We will see where this project goes.......
A few more tidbits:
  • Another IRP workshop is planned for January, to be taught by their chapter LRR Roni Jennings.
  • The stewards will collect the IRP requests and turn in them in to HR, and the chapter will track the responses.
  • More than 300 people, including families and children, attended the joint labor picnic co-hosted with CFA. CSUEU president Pat Gantt attended, as did statewide CFA leadership. This was their 7th annual union picnic.
What has your chapter been up to? Email us and share!

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