Friday, November 16, 2007

Chapter 318 Action: IRP Workshops, Fires, Union Clothing

Chapter 318 (San Diego) has been busy:

  • They just had the first of several chapter meetings with a focus on Reclassifications and In-Range Progressions.
  • They are scheduling IRP workshops for each bargaining unit and are hoping for a big turn out.
  • They just got a new union meeting area, in an office which used to be a copy center for the university.
  • The chapter has ordered new shirts and jackets for all of the stewards.
  • They are designing new t-shirts for chapter members in connection with a big chapter event planned for after the holidays.
  • The chapter has published a Frequently Asked Questions list regarding the fires and campus closure on their rather smart-looking web site.
Browsing the chapter web site, you'll also find a discussion forum, and a mailing list with online archives and unusually sensible settings and security warnings.

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