Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday Trustee Meeting Report

The California State University Board of Trustees met yesterday in the form of various committees, including the Committee on Collective Bargaining and the Committee on Finance.

California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) speakers addressing the Committee on Collective Bargaining were:

  • Pat Gantt, President
  • Dennis Dillon, Vice President for Representation
  • Sharon Cunningham, Chair of Bargaining Unit 5
  • Annel Martin, Chair of Bargaining Unit 7
  • Rich McGee, Chair of Bargaining Unit 9
The CSUEU speakers were united in their theme that the big problem with staff compensation is not so much a market equity issue, which the CSU bargaining team has been pushing at the table as a distraction, but a matter of employees advancing through the ranges. For most employees, the only "raise" they see after they are hired is the General Salary Increase (GSI), which is just a partial Cost of Living increase, which is often is smaller than the inflation rate. Few employees (on the order of 10% or fewer) ever get an In-Range Progression (IRP). Most are discouraged from even asking for one.

Of the 16,401 CSU employees represented by CSUEU in bargaining units 2, 5, 7, and 9, only 67 (0.41%) are at the top of their service range. 2032 employees, or 12.39%, are at the very bottom of their salary range. Teven Laxer, Senior Labor Relations Representative at headquarters, reports that fully 60% of CSUEU-represented employees are in the lower quarter of their salary range.

In unit 9, the picture is not much brighter: of 7349 employees in bargaining unit 9, 43 (0.59%) are at the maximum of their salary range. 634 (8.63%) employees in unit 9 are at the bottom of their salary range.

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The full Board of Trustees meets today.

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