Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ballot Initiative Threatens CSU and UC

Proposition 92 is the Community College funding initiative which appears on the February 5th ballot. It cuts fees by 25% and adds about $300 million in new funding for the Community College system, without providing a new source of revenue. That would leave the California State University vulnerable as one of only four places left to cut in the state budget.

The CSU and UC officially oppose the initiative. The SEIU California State Council opposes Proposition 92 with this statement:

We stand in support of California community colleges and their vital role in educating Californians. However, this proposition robs $70 million a year from our public schools to pay for community colleges, when both need more money. It is opposed by teachers and working families.
The Sacramento Bee writes:
Maybe the most blatant element of the initiative is that its funding growth formula would be decoupled from growth in community college enrollment – as it is now – and instead tied (again in convoluted ways) to the number of Californians in the college-going ages and to the state's unemployment rate. As a consequence, in the words of the legislative analyst, "there would be no direct relationship between required (community college) funding levels and actual student enrollment."

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