Friday, January 4, 2008

Parking Fee Increase Effective January Pay Period

CSU has issued an HR technical letter stating the parking fee increase will be implemented in our January paychecks, and is not retroactive. The key part:

For FY 2007/08, parking fees will be increased by 3.457%, and will be implemented on a prospective basis commencing with the January 2008 pay period.
The increase amount will be truncated at the second decimal place, not rounded up or down, according to the second page of the letter. Their example:
$18.72 x 3.457% = $19.3671. In this instance, the parking deduction rate = $19.36
Obviously they meant to multiply by 103.457%, or add the base parking fee separately, but you can see what they mean.

CSU Parking Fee Increase Technical Letter [PDF]
Parking fee increase chart
Parking fee increase spreadsheet updated by Rocky Waters [Excel format]
Parking fee increase spreadsheet on CSUEU web site [Excel format]

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