Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prop 92 Message from Pat Gantt

Pat Gantt, President of California State University Employees Union (CSUEU), sent this message out to CSUEU officers this week:

Dear CSUEU Board of Directors and Legislative Committee:

It is a new year and we already have to focus on a proposition that could harm us. On February 5th there is a ballot measure known as Proposition 92 that is aimed at giving more funding for the Community Colleges from the General fund. You were given some talking points before on this issue when we as a board voted to oppose it.

I took that oppose position to the December SEIU State council meeting and was successful in SEIU adopting an oppose position also. This took a lot of convincing from me and CFA who also spoke out against the measure as well as Local 1000. There are a few large SEIU locals who represent community college staff who raised their concerns and wanted a neutral position.

I have attached a press release that was sent out from the No on Prop 92 coalition. Please also check out the web site for more information:
No on Proposition 92

Please share this information with your members and in your chapter meetings this month.

In union,
Pat Gantt, President

SEIU Local 2579 Announces Opposition to Proposition 92 (Californians for Fair Education Funding, No on Proposition 92)
SEIU Local 2579 Announces Opposition to Proposition 92 [Word format]

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