Thursday, January 31, 2008

SEIU Convention: Delegate Selection and Operation

These are extracts from the SEIU Constitution and Bylaws regarding the selection of delegates for and operation of the SEIU International Convention. For the complete rules, see the Constitution and Bylaws. Occasional emphasis added by Unit 9 News editor for quick scanning.

Article IV

International conventions

Section 1. The Convention of this International Union shall meet every four years and shall convene at such time and place as the International Executive Board may determine upon the recommendation of the International President.


Eligibility of delegates - Additional delegates
Section 3. The International Convention shall consist of duly elected delegates from their Local Unions, and none but delegates duly elected in accordance with all applicable statutes and the provisions of this Constitution and Bylaws shall be eligible to represent any Local Union at the International Convention or be entitled to vote except that all full-time International officers shall by virtue of their office be delegates with a voice but no vote to any Convention which is held during their term of office. All officers of a Local Union elected in conformity with all applicable statutes shall by virtue of such election be considered to be eligible delegates to any International Convention which may take place during their term of office. If at the time of the receipt of the Convention call it shall appear that such number of elected officers is less than the number of delegates to which the Local Union will be entitled at an International Convention, then arrangements may be made at the option of the Local Executive Board for nomination and secret ballot election, if required, of an additional number of eligible members as Convention delegates. Nominees for such position, if unopposed, shall be deemed elected without necessity for further procedures. The Local Union must designate in its Constitution and Bylaws the order in which the officers would be designated as delegates and alternates if less than all the officers are entitled to go to the Convention as delegates, provided that the chief executive officer of the Local Union shall, if otherwise eligible, be deemed entitled even in the event the Local Union fails to so designate. Any Local Union may by provision in its Local Constitution and Bylaws dispense with the foregoing provision that officers of the Local Union be ex officio delegates to the International Convention and may provide for nomination and, if required, secret ballot election of such delegates. Further, subject to applicable statutes, the International Executive Board may establish representation rules for delegates from groups of associate members or other special categories of membership or locals, which shall be set forth in the notice of Convention Call for the International or Special Convention. In no event shall the basis of representation for such groups be greater in numbers than the formula set forth in Section 4 below. Any voting rights extended to such delegates must comply with applicable law.

Convention representation and voting rights - Exclusions
Section 4. The basis of representation shall be one delegate for 500 members or less, and one additional delegate for every additional 500 members or major fraction thereof up to 5,000 members, and then one additional delegate for every additional 1,000 members or major fraction thereof. A determination to be represented by less than a full complement of delegates shall not affect the Local Union’s eligible votes. The Executive Board of a Local Union shall determine the number of delegates which shall represent it at the Convention. For the purpose of voting, the computation of membership for a Local Union shall not include life members, retired members paying less than the full dues required for working members of their Local Union, associate members or agency fee payers.


Good standing requirement
Section 7(b). For a Local Union to be entitled to representation at the Convention, all moneys due the International Union, whether by per capita tax or otherwise, and due to any affiliated bodies, whether by per capita tax or otherwise, and all moneys due for any pension or welfare funds provided for in this Constitution, must be paid at least 15 days prior to the opening of the Convention.


Computation of voting strength
Section 12. The number of votes which each Local Union shall be entitled to vote in the Convention shall be determined by averaging the 12 most recent regular monthly per capita tax payments for members which are received by the International Union on or before December 31 of the year immediately preceding the calendar year in which the Convention is held. In the case of a newly chartered local without a twelve month payment period before December 31, the number of votes shall be determined by averaging the most recent regular monthly per capita tax payments for members received by the International before the Convention, up to a maximum of twelve months. The computation of voting strength shall not include associate members, life members or agency fee payers. Where there are two or more delegates in attendance from one Local Union, the vote shall be divided equally between them.


Convention resolutions
Section 14. All Resolutions to be acted upon by the Convention proposed by a Local Union must be submitted in writing to the International Secretary-Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the Convention and unless so submitted may not be considered by the Convention except on unanimous consent of the delegates present. Resolutions may be presented to the Convention by the International Executive Board at any time during the Convention without requiring unanimous consent.

Convention quorum

Section 15. Delegates representing one-fourth of the votes entitled to be cast at the Convention shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

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