Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snippets from Governor's Budget Press Conference

The governor said during his press conference that "We have told every one of the agencies that we want to make an across the board cut of 10%." For those who didn't have a chance to watch or listen, here are a few tidbits from his press conference this morning:

  • "First my new budget will reduce almost every state program by 10% or as close as possible. In a fiscal emergency special session of the legislature that I am calling today, I am proposing to start many of those cuts this fiscal year, 2007-2008. That includes eliminating cost of living adjustments and reducing a portion of the appropriation to schools that are above Proposition 98 guarantee."
  • "I can see every single person hurt by these cuts, and I understand how difficult they will be for many many people."
  • "Ten percent across the board is already tough but it at least spreads the pain equally and evenly and protects vital services."
  • "We're spending 400-600 million dollars more a month than we're taking in."
  • "Anything you didn't like about the budget it was [Mike Genest's] fault, and all the good stuff was me."
  • Regarding the 10% across the board cuts, "I say that was the fair way to do it."
  • Asked about news reports that California will close 1 in 5 state parks, the governor talked about general budget issues but did not answer the question.
  • Asked about the discrepancy between opposing tax increases and simultaneously raising fees that look a lot like taxes, the governor acknowledged that "we promised the California people that we would not raise taxes," and then talked about the recent fires and how we need to support firefighters. He did not address any distinction between imposing fees and imposing taxes.
Video of the press conference is available online at the Governor's budget page, or you can read a transcript of today's budget speech.

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