Friday, January 11, 2008

Stewards: Be Ready for Questions

Some news coverage of the state budget crunch has raised the spectre of CSU staff cuts. As far as we know, CSUEU has not received any notice of layoffs. That won't stop employees from wondering, though, and if you're a steward some of them will probably ask you about it.

Here's the main thing you need to know: Notice of any layoffs must be made directly to CSUEU headquarters first, before the CSU does anything else. Individual affected employees would then receive notice a minimum of 60 days (for permanent employees) or 45 days (for probationary and temporary employees) before the effective date of any layoffs.

The contract language about notice reads:

24.2 When the CSU determines that there is a need for implementation of any procedures outlined in this Article, the CSU agrees to immediately notify the Union. The Union may submit a written request to the Office of the Chancellor to meet and confer with the Union on the bargaining unit impact.
Note that the CSU must formally notice CSUEU headquarters -- not an employee, not a steward, not the chapter. If a campus manager is talking about layoffs, report that immediately to all of these people (at least):
  • Your chapter LRR
  • Chair(s) of the affected bargaining unit(s)
  • Vice President for Representation Dennis Dillon.
Further reading for the detail-hungry:

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