Monday, February 25, 2008

Lobbying Expenses: CSEA, CSU, SEIU

Lobbyists and organizations who employ them file quarterly disclosure reports with the California Secretary of State. The reports and summaries are available on the Cal-Access web site.

The site offers a "General Information" view showing in-house lobbyist employees and outside lobbying firms, and a "Financial Activity/Filing History" view showing what bills or topics the filer lobbied on, the agencies or offices lobbied, and what they spent.

An example of what you'll find: In just one reporting period (October-December 2007) the California State University spent $82,500 lobbying the legislature and governor's office against a single bill aimed at curbing the CSU's executive compensation abuses (AB 1413).

The CSU lists 2 outside lobbying firms. The CSU's paid lobbyists lobbied against SB 190 and AB 1413 (addressing executive compensation abuses), and on the budget, other legislation, and "contract negotiations" and "faculty salary negotiations." Total CSU lobbying expenses for 2007: $205,000.

CSEA has 1 in-house lobbyist employee (Sherrie Golden, Governmental Affairs Manager). Total CSEA lobbying expenses for 2007, other than Golden's pay, were $15,616.73. SEIU Local 1000 lists 3 employees and 1 outside lobbying firm, at a total expense of $415,030.61.

The SEIU California State Council (identified as "California State Council of Service Employees") lists 6 in-house lobbyist employees and 2 outside lobbying firms. The State Council's lobbying focused mainly on health-care issues and the state budget. Total SEIU California State Council lobbying expenditures during 2007: $6,418,815.34.

CSUEU is an affiliate of CSEA and SEIU; CSUEU members are CSEA and SEIU members. Local 1000, formerly known as the CSEA Civil Service Division, is also an affiliate of CSEA and represents around 90,000 state employees.

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