Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LSS Bulletin: Bargaining Begins

Here is the text of today's Bulletin on the LSS series:

PERB rules that LSS should be placed in BU 9
CSU sends CSUEU implementation proposal

On January 24, 2008, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) ruled that the proposed classification of Library Services Specialist (LSS) should be placed in Bargaining Unit (BU) 9. PERB had held two days of hearings in October 2007, during which CSU Employees Union (CSUEU) and CSU testified that the LSS classification shared a "community of interest" with other BU 9 classifications and should be placed in BU 9.

The next step is for CSUEU and CSU to negotiate over the impact of the placement of the LSS classification in BU 9. The CSU has sent the union an initial proposal which is described below. CSUEU's bargaining team will be meeting soon to discuss the CSU's proposal and develop our response. Our bargaining team will include several Library Assistants: Joan Kennedy (SLO), Jennifer O'Neal-Watts (Sacramento), Joseph Corica (East Bay) and Christine Thomas (Pomona). While it would be inappropriate to discuss our bargaining position before we formally respond to the CSU, our members deserve more than the status quo for this significant transition from BU 7 to BU 9. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact one of our team members. Please see the CSUEU web site for the complete LSS documentation. We are working on some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will be up on the web site soon.

Below is a summary of the CSU's initial bargaining proposal:
  • Implement the LSS classification effective May 2008.
  • Move incumbent employees into the new series pursuant to the following Road Map:
    • Library Assistant I to LSS, Level I
    • Library Assistant II to LSS, Level II
    • Library Assistant III to LSS, Level III
    • Library Assistant IV to LSS, Level IV
    • Lead Library Assistant II to LSS, Level II
    • Lead Library Assistant III to LSS, Level III
    • Lead Library Assistant IV to LSS, Level IV
  • Maintain the same salary ranges for the LSS classification as the current LA series
  • Give Lead Library Assistants the option of moving to new series, within 60 days of implementation date
  • Lead Library Assistants who choose to move into the LSS class will not have any change to their temporary, probationary or permanent status. Time worked performing Lead LA duties will count for seniority purposes.
  • The President may waive probation and grant permanent status to any Lead LA who is voluntarily reclassified and has had a timebase of 50% or greater for more than two years.
  • If a Lead Library Assistant elects to remain in a Lead LA classification, the position will be filled with the appropriate Unit 9 classification once the position is vacated.
  • Until bargaining over LSS implementation is completed, there will be no changes to the status quo.
  • Once LA and Lead LA classifications are vacated, these classifications will be abolished.
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