Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SEIU State Council Agenda and Minutes

Ronnie Grant, CSUEU Vice President for Organizing, has shared the agenda for yesterday and today's meeting of the SEIU California State Council Executive Board, and the minutes from the December meeting. Ronnie states CSUEU President Pat Gantt and CSUEU Chief of Staff Phillip Coonley will be attending the current state council meeting.

Tidbits from the December 2007 minutes:

  • Pat Gantt, CSUEU President, was nominated and confirmed for a seat on the SEIU State Council Executive Committee. Other members include Lillian Taiz (CFA), and Jim Hard (Local 1000).
  • SEIU State Council Executive Board 2008 meetings were set for
    • February 11-12, Sacramento
    • June 12, Los Angeles
    • December 8-9, San Diego
  • For the Proposition 93 (term limits) campaign, the Board voted to spend "an initial $1 million contribution, with a second $1 million approved if a poll conducted by SEIU shows the measure is viable."
  • The Board unanimously voted to spend "up to $40,000 for polling the Prop 93 term limits initiative" and "$300,000 for Sen. Perata’s committee for Prop. 93."
  • The Board unanimously voted "to spend $150,000 for opinion research and polling on getting the Healthcare bill on the 2008 ballot."
  • "A motion was made and seconded to add $170,000 to the $1.1 million Member Involvement budget to replace funds that were sent to help in the Iowa local’s member program. The motion passed unanimously."
The Word documents below are the documents that were forwarded; the PDF versions were saved from those, in another application.

CSUEU is SEIU Local 2579; CSUEU members are also SEIU members.


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