Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alliance for the CSU

CSU staff, faculty, students, administrators, and community supporters have formed the Alliance for the CSU. The Alliance aims to get the message out that the CSU is part of the solution to the state's budget woes and that cutting off the road to economic success hurts, rather than helps, the state budget.

You may have seen Alliance buttons and literature at your campus budget rallies and union meetings. The web site has an 8-page collection of regional fact sheets, detailing the contributions of CSU campuses in several regions statewide (San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles area, Central Valley South, and Central Valley North) and the effects of the proposed budget cuts. If your campus is on one of these, the 2-page fact sheet for your region would be ideal for a literature table at graduation or other campus or community events. There's also a printable Alliance window sign, suitable for display at work or in your community (numbers 2 and 7 on the "10 things you can do now" list).

You can sign up online to help the Alliance, or turn in a card at one of the campus budget events. The phone number fields on the web form are optional.

Warning: If you fill out the web form or a card, the Alliance may share your information with the CSU administration. There is no way to opt out of this. The Alliance will not share your information with any additional organizations, including budget advocacy groups, marketers, or unions.


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