Saturday, March 15, 2008

Board of Directors Saturday Update

Some tidbits from today's CSUEU Board of Directors meeting in Sacramento:

  • Jorge Salinas, Senior Labor Relations Representative at headquarters, is leaving us effective April 4. He will become Chico's Director of Labor Relations on April 7.
  • If your home and mailing addresses are different, please note that fact on your expense claims. If your mailing address is in City A, and your mileage to an event is from City B, that's confusing if there's no explanation.
  • Russell Kilday-Hicks, President of Chapter 305 (San Francisco), reminded attendees of several CSU group's lobby days coming up: April 21 for the students, April 28 for the CSU administration, and April 29-30 for California Faculty Association (CFA). Russell has been invited to join his campus's CSU delegation to Sacramento on April 28 and recommends that other chapters contact their campus administration to see about similar opportunities.
  • The Finance Committee recommends CSUEU consider forming our own political action fund. CSUEU members contribute $80,000 a year to the CSEA Member Action Committee (C-MAC).

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