Monday, March 24, 2008

Budget: Editorials, Alliance

The San Bernardino County Sun called the governor "pound foolish" for his proposed cuts to the CSU and said "When you consider that the system has been the biggest supplier of educated workers to the state's economy, this plan - under any circumstance - is bad business."

Chico's campus president Paul Zingg emphasizes the long-term effects of CSU budget cuts in a piece published in the Chico News and Review, saying, "With students of color representing two-thirds of the K-12 enrollments in this state, this is not the time to close the doors to higher education and ignore the reality of the changing face of the California workforce. To do so would effect a tidal wave of personal tragedies that would have dire economic and social consequences."

The California Faculty Association (CFA) says the Alliance for the CSU is signing up oodles of people to support the CSU:

At large meetings of more than 1000 at each of San Francisco State, Sacramento State, and San Diego State last week, the new coalition effort, the Alliance for the CSU rapidly signed up people to carry the message beyond the campuses that "The CSU is the Solution" to a troubled economy.
[Warning: The Alliance for the CSU may share your information with the CSU administration, even if you don't check the box authorizing them to use your name publicly. There is no way to opt out of this. At this writing, the Alliance does not publish a privacy policy on their web site, or disclose on the signup form what they plan to do with your information.]

CFA's press release lists these campus budget rallies scheduled for this week and next:
  • Mon, March 24, Humboldt State, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 12-1 pm, University Center's Kate Buchanan Room
  • Tues, March 25, CSU Fullerton, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 11am-12:30 pm, Titan Student Union
  • Wed, March 26, CSU Long Beach, Budget Fight Back Meeting, Noon, Speakers' Platform (next to Student Union)
  • Thu, March 27, CSU Channel Islands, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 12-12:50 pm, Petit Salon
  • Wed, April 2, Cal State Los Angeles, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 12-2 pm, Golden Eagle Ballroom
  • Wed, April 2, San Jose State, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 12-1 pm, Student Union Ballroom
  • April 3, CSU Bakersfield, Budget Fight Back Meeting, 10:30-11:30 am, Icardo Center (gym)

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