Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CFA on Recent Budget Rallies

From the California Faculty Association (CFA) weekly newsletter:

The movement to oppose the governor’s proposed $386 million budget cut to the California State University system continues to gain momentum going into six All-Campus Budget Fight Back Meetings scheduled for this week.

Last week saw a huge turnout of students, faculty, staff and administrators to meetings held on the San Marcos, East Bay, Monterey Bay, Northridge, San Bernardino and Fresno campuses.

At San Bernardino, San Francisco and Sacramento, more than 1,200 people participated in each meeting as halls were jammed and crowds were forced to utilize overflow rooms and simulcasts to view the meetings.

A monitoring report of broadcast news coverage reveals that television coverage alone – which did not include radio, internet or newspaper coverage – of last week’s meetings reached more than a million homes throughout the state.


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