Monday, March 17, 2008

Committee Staff Reassignments

Phillip Coonley, CSUEU Chief of Staff, announced some staff reassignments this afternoon:

To CSUEU Board of Directors and Committees:

I am announcing a few changes to the staffing of committees. There are a variety of reasons for the changes, mostly having to do with "fit" and workload. All of the staff and committee chairs impacted have been contacted about these changes. I wanted to make sure the rest of you were apprised:
  • Organizing Committee: Brenda Brown and Michael Hejazi (formerly Brenda Brown and Gil Rojo)
  • Representation Committee: Hubert Lloyd* and Gil Rojo** (formerly Jorge Salinas)
  • Communications Committee: Com Spec. to be announced (formerly Michael Hejazi)
  • Committee for the Future***: Phillip Coonley (formerly Jerrie McIntyre)
None of the other assignments are changing. The committee chairs and I are very excited about these changes and we are all looking forward to facing - and conquering- the challenges before us.

*Hubert's assignment is temporary pending the appointment of a new SLRR to replace Jorge Salinas.
**Gil Rojo's assignment was to help with the huge undertaking of developing the advanced steward training module.
*** Lori please share this with the rest of the committee, as there is not currently an e-mail list for them.

Phillip Coonley, Chief of Staff
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU)

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