Monday, March 10, 2008

CSEA Board of Directors: January Motions, April Meeting

Through the magic of technology, we now have the text from the Board of Directors documents sent out this morning by CSUEU Vice President for Organizing Ronnie Grant.

Motions from January CSEA Board of Directors Meeting

See the complete January 2008 agenda for the language of the motions, and the summary for the actions taken. Highlights include:
  • $6,000 to investigate the release of VISA statements [Editor's note: This apparently refers to the publication on the SOS1000 site of information about Local 1000 officers' business credit card usage. As far as we know there is no indication of a compromise of CSUEU members' credit card information.]
  • Restatement of CSEA Retirement Plan
  • 2008 Regional budgets
  • Positions and spending on Propositions 92 and 93

April CSEA Board of Directors Meeting

See the meeting announcement for the full schedule and details.
  • Closed Retreat and Executive Session on April 11-12
  • Agenda Committee and Board of Directors meeting on April 12-13

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