Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dominguez Hills Budget Fight-Back Meeting

The first of the all-campus Budget Fight-Back Meetings took place at Dominguez Hills yesterday. Here is the California Faculty Association (CFA) report:

Monday's event was emceed by Dominguez Hills CFA Chapter President David Bradfield, who laid out the meaning of these threatened cuts to the campus community while those in attendance gave a 'power clap.'

Bradfield, who also serves as CFA Associate Vice President, was joined on the podium by Campus President Mildred García who spoke about the fiscal vulnerability of the campus and urged those in attendance to do everything in their power to make sure lawmakers support the CSU in the state budget process.

Referring to a past funding shortfall at the campus of $2.8 million plus the governor's proposed cuts for this year, she said the cuts mean "$6 million out of our campus budget – this we cannot stand for."

García said the shortfall already is causing the campus to stop tenure track faculty searches and freeze staff hiring.

"We've got to turn this around," she said.

Bradfield says the fight for CSU funding has brought unity to his campus. "It was great to see the campus come together in defense of the CSU budget," said Bradfield.

"Dr. Garcia has been great. The event would also not have been possible without the support of the Academic Senate, all the staff unions, and a group of wonderful and engaged students who turned out for the event including ASI President Ifeanyi Ebigbo and members of CSU Students for Quality Education."

The event was well attended by the media and coverage of the event – including newspaper articles and videos of broadcast reports – can be viewed at:

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