Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Employee Salary Data Online

The Sacramento Bee has obtained salary data for state employees and placed it online, searchable by the public. Data returned includes name with middle initial, classification, agency or university campus, and base pay. CSU employees are in this database.

Pay for state employees is public information. Local 1000, the CSEA affiliate which represents civil service employees, has this recommendation for people who object to having this information published by the Bee:

We suggest that members who are concerned about this new database contact Bee editor Melanie Sill at (916) 321-1002 or msill@sacbee.com, and Public Editor Armando Acuna at (916) 321-1250 or publiceditor@sacbee.com; Ms. Sill is the top editor at the Bee and Acuna handles their reader complaints.
On the positive side, this should help with researching those equity issues.


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