Monday, March 10, 2008

Updates: Chapter Officers, CSEA, CSUEU, CSU Meetings

Ronnie Grant, CSUEU Vice President for Organizing, has sent an update including:

  • Procedures to follow to keep officer information up-to-date
  • The scheduled closed Board of Directors meeting on Friday evening may become an open meeting
  • The April CSEA Board of Directors meeting
The message:

Good morning,

A few updates:

-- CSUEU Directory: Chapter Presidents, are you up to date? --

I've attached a CSUEU Directory which is current. Please review it and advise both Phil Coonley and Malia Plummer of any corrections.

Phil Coonley and I are working with CSUEU and CSEA staff to strengthen the processes for handling changes in elected/appointed positions. I believe very strongly in being as close to 100% accurate as possible, since these lists are used for internal communication.

When you appoint a member to a vacant position on your Chapter's E-Board, please be sure to send an email to Pat Gantt, Phil Coonley and Malia Plummer. Emailing all three will enable HQ to ensure that your appointment is properly recorded in UnionWare, the CSUEU Directory, and CSEA's Exchange global address book.

Likewise, when a member of your Chapter's E-Board resigns, please forward a copy of their resignation e-mail or written letter to Pat Gantt, Phil Coonley and Malia Plummer so we can properly show the position as vacant and awaiting your replacement appointment.

If an E-Board member is leaving CSU employment, please ask them to write a resignation from their Union position; without a written resignation, we may not be able to verify that they left CSU employment (and subsequently lost eligibility for their appointed or elected Union position) for one or two pay periods.

Without a written resignation, we must wait for the State Controller's Office to report the employment separation or service retirement to CSEA Membership Services.

-- CSEA Board --

The next CSEA Board meeting is in Sacramento on April 12-13. I have attached the notice; if there is an agenda item you would like Pat, myself, or Lori to submit to CSEA, please let is know ASAP. We have a deadline of March 17 to submit items to CSEA.

I have also included a recap of motions from the January meeting and a CSEA Organizational Chart. The chart has one error on it; replace the name Janis Mickel Szichak with Lee King to correct.

-- Board of Trustees meeting --

The CSU is holding another Board of Trustees meeting this week. Agenda
is here:

-- CSUEU Board update --

The scheduled closed session this Friday may be turned into an open session is we have nothing to discuss in closed session. This will likely be decided at the Executive Officer Committee on Thursday.

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