Thursday, April 3, 2008

Audit: $742 Meal for Chancellor's Office

The Bureau of State Audits has released report I2008-1, titled Investigations of Improper Activities by State Employees: July 2007 Through December 2007. From the executive summary:

The California State University, Chancellor’s Office (university), wasted over $590 in state funds by allowing a manager to purchase an expensive meal for herself and five other university employees in violation of the university’s internal procedures governing reimbursement for travel expenses and meal allowances.
The actual cost of the meal, which took place at a Santa Monica restaurant after a meeting, was $742. The $592 cited in the report as waste was the amount over the $25 per person limit for dinner expenses. The meal was paid for with a university-issued credit card, and the expense was approved. The CSU later reversed that approval, recovered the entire amount of the dinner from the manager, and admonished the manager’s department supervisors to more closely scrutinize questionable charges and claims submitted by employees.


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