Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CFA Releases Report on CSU's Economic Impact

The California Faculty Association (CFA) has released a report by Blue Sky Consulting Group on the CSU's impact on the state's economy. CFA says the report finds that the Governor's proposed budget cuts to the CSU will have long term negative impact on the state's fiscal health.

From the CFA press release:

"Examining the Fiscal, Economic, and Social Impacts of the California State University," prepared by Tim Gage, Matt Newman and Trisha McMahon of Blue Sky Consulting Group, takes 21 in-depth studies of higher education and applies them to the largest public four-year university system in the nation, the California State University.

The report card? The California State University gets A's for effort on behalf of the economy and people of California. It excels at granting large numbers of four-year degrees in fields vital to California's innovative economy, for yearly contributions to regional economies, and for getting degrees into the hands of people who in other states would never get them.

But the governor's proposed budget gets low marks. His plan to cut $386 million from the CSU in 2008/09 would mean unsatisfactory progress, and could mean California becomes a drop-out from its world-class standing among leading, and successful, economies.

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