Thursday, April 17, 2008

CSEA Board Meeting Results

Ronnie Grant, CSUEU Vice President for Organizing, reports on last weekend's CSEA Board of Directors meeting:

Last weekend, Pat, myself and Dennis (sitting for Lori) attended the CSEA Board of Directors meeting in Sacramento. All items on the agenda were passed as printed.


I have attached the emergency items which were submitted after the cut-off time for printing and mailing of the CSEA agendas. All items were passed as printed except for FIS 6/08/2 (Grant), which was passed with an amendment to direct that environmental issues from installing the new press be resolved (a small pit in the ground floor of the Printing Services facility at 930 R St. needs to be excavated for installation of the new printing press).

Of particular note is item GA 4/08/2 (Gantt). This was passed, so CSEA now officially endorses and supports the Alliance for the California State University.

We link to a text copy of the emergency agenda items below, along with the original image PDF of the emergency items which accompanied Ronnie's email.


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