Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Impasse for Unit 13 Bargaining

CSUEU and CSU have declared impasse in contract bargaining for Unit 13. Unit 13 consists of English Language Program Instructors at CSU Los Angeles. Here's the bargaining update from headquarters:

Impasse Declared in Negotiations
Mediation Scheduled in June

After nearly two years of bargaining, the CSU Employees Union and the CSU are still not in agreement over basic issues such as appointment, reappointment, hours of work, salary, paid leave, performance evaluations, leaves of absence, office space and instructional material.

The parties exchanged conceptual proposals over the last three months that we thought would bring us closer together. Unfortunately, that did not happen. CSU and CSUEU believe that the assistance of a neutral mediator would be helpful and productive. Mediation is scheduled for the following dates:

  • June 10 – 11
  • July 8 – 9
  • July 22 – 23

So far, we have reached agreement on the following articles:
  • 1 Recognition
  • 4 Effect of Agreement
  • 6 Concerted Activities
  • 11 Personnel Files
  • 12 Corrective Action
  • 23 Health and Safety
  • 25 Non-discrimination

We have not yet reached an agreement on the following articles:
  • 12 Definitions
  • 3 Management Rights
  • 5 Union Rights
  • 7 Grievance Procedure
  • 9 Employee Status
  • 10 Employee Performance
  • 13 Resignation
  • 14 Vacations/Holidays
  • 16 LOA without pay
  • 18 Hours of Work
  • 20 Salary
  • 21 Benefits
  • 22 Professional Development
  • 24 Layoff
  • 27 Labor-Mgt Committee
  • 28 Family Medical Leave
  • 30 Instructional Materials

The State Mediation and Conciliation Services Department has appointed Tony Butka to mediate between the sides and try to reach an agreement. A mediator cannot force a settlement on the parties. The mediator attempts to find areas of common agreement that can lead to a settlement. If the mediator is unable to persuade the parties to compromise, then a fact-finding panel is created.

During mediation, the parties are bound by rules of confidentiality. Your bargaining team will be able to give you a general idea about what issues we are dealing with, but we won’t be able to provide you with much detail. We will give you more information after our first mediation session.


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