Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pomona and Chico Rallies

Pomona and Chico wrapped up the statewide CSU budget rallies yesterday. Many thanks to Vicky McLeod from Chapter 319 (Pomona) and Scott Dickerson from Chapter 302 (Chico) for sharing the information below.


At yesterday's Cal Poly Pomona budget rally, CSUEU Chapter 319 President Deborah Campbell did an awesome job addressing the crowd, according to Chapter Vice President Vicky McLeod. Campbell described staff as the backbone of the university, focused on providing high quality support to students. While staff workload increases, pay continues to lag, with some employees working two jobs or relying on government assistance to make ends meet. She made a point of recognizing audience members in units 2, 5, 7, and 9, asking for a show of hands and garnering loud applause and yells. Campbell finished by joining other speakers in urging the audience to fill out the Alliance cards and get involved in the fight against massive CSU budget cuts.

Chapter officers Christine Thomas, Rocky Sanchez, Vaughn Lucas, Loretta Villanueva, Reggie Keys, and Vicky McLeod, along with chapter LRR Brenda Brown, worked the tables and walked around handing out and picking up Alliance pledge cards and other information. Other speakers at the event were campus President Michael Ortiz, Trustee Monville, Associated Students representatives, and representatives from Bargaining Units 1, 4, and 3.

Pomona coverage:
April 11 update:
Vicky McLeod kindly provided a link to this writeup on the Cal Poly Pomona site:
Nearly 1,000 Attend Budget Forum

The story features a nice photo of Chapter President Deborah Campbell, and a quote from her speech:
"Three years after barely recuperating from major cuts to the CSU budget, we are once again wrestling with a proposal that will cut deep into the fiber of each of our lives," she said. "We cannot sustain additional cuts, further staff reduction, or attempts to undermine our valuable, trained staff."


At Chico, Chapter 302 Unit 9 Representative Scott Dickerson reports that Chico State President Paul Zingg's passionate speech about working together to make a difference reflected an optimism not heard from a Chico State president in years. President Zingg offered a $250.00 personal check to Associated Students President Osazee Edebiri to help charter a bus for the April 21 California State Students Association march in Sacramento.

Pat Gantt, CSUEU President, reminded the crowd of the harmful budget decisions made by Governor Schwarzenegger, which are now affecting the "discretionary funds" earmarked for the CSU.

Chico coverage:

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