Friday, May 30, 2008

Alliance Email: May 30 Action Alert

The Alliance for the CSU sent out an email blast late this afternoon:


  • Alliance for the CSU scores a win
  • Help sign up more people to get the next victory

May 30, 2008
The Alliance for the CSU scored a partial victory in May when the governor released his revised 2008/09 budget proposal with an extra $97 million in funding for the CSU. It happened thanks to you and thousands of other CSU supporters.

This gets us about one-fourth of the way to the minimum state funding the CSU needs to serve current students, ensure access to new students, and stop another steep student fee increase.

We have $288 million to go. That is the funding we must now convince the state Assembly and Senate to add to their budget plans for the CSU. Action by Alliance members helped make the governor add that money. At least 21,000 faxes, calls and letters went to the governor's offices. More than 27,000 people leant their names to the Alliance for the CSU. Hundreds of news reports appeared in the media on Alliance activities.

See some of the news coverage at:

This shows we can change minds at the State Capitol. It means that all the individual actions add up. It also means we are far from finished. A $288 million cut would still have severe consequences for the CSU.

ACTION: Help get more people to join the Alliance for the CSU This summer the state Assembly and Senate each must vote on budget bills. At key moments, we will need even more people to call and fax to remind lawmakers that: The CSU is the solution to California's troubled economy.

Right now, here is how you can help:

1- Ask someone you know to join the Alliance for the CSU. Send that person an email message by clicking on "Tell A Friend" at:

2 - Send a letter about the Alliance for the CSU to your local newspaper or another publication such as a business magazine or a professional society newsletter. For guidance go to:

3 - Post about the Alliance for the CSU on your favorite blog. Describe what cuts mean to the CSU and urge people to join the Alliance. For guidance go to:


Please watch for more "Action Alerts" from the Alliance for the CSU. Learn more at:

Thank you for your continued support of the Alliance for the CSU!


This email was sent by: Alliance for the CSU
300 Capitol Mall, Ste. 1590, Sacramento, CA 95814


Expect the personal information you provide on the Alliance cards and web form to be provided to others without your knowledge or consent. The Alliance had said, when asked, that they might release people's personal information – without notice or permission – to the CSU administration, but stated they would not release it to anyone else, including unions, outside vendors, or marketers. In fact the Alliance is releasing information to at least one union and one outside marketing firm. The Alliance does not allow you to opt out of having your personal information released. At this time, the Alliance does not post a privacy policy on their web site, or otherwise disclose how they will use your information or to whom they will release it.

If your chapter collects cards, or urges people to sign up on the Alliance web site, please warn people that their personal information may be released to others without notice. Employees should not provide any information they don't want given away to unknown third parties, including personal home or cell phone numbers, or personal email addresses. We suggest providing only your work contact information: campus mailing address, campus phone, and campus email address. An alternative would be for a group to select someone to act as a sacrifical lamb by giving up their personal information to the Alliance, and forward the action emails they receive from the Alliance to the rest of the group.

We will post Alliance email messages here as we receive them.

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