Monday, May 5, 2008

Board of Trustees Meeting May 12-14

The CSU Board of Trustees meets next week, May 12-14, at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach:

Monday 1:00 p.m.
Closed session
Selection of San José State University president
Tuesday closed sessionsFull Board for litigation (Johnson-Klein, Vivas, and An additional claim that presents a significant exposure to litigation)
Committee on Collective Bargaining
Tuesday Committees beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Open sessions
Collective Bargaining
Committee of the Whole
Governmental Relations
Organization and Rules
Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds
Educational Policy
Institutional Advancement
WednesdayCommittee on Finance
Full Board meeting (estimated to begin 10:00 a.m.)

Selected tidbits from the Agendas

  • Initial Bargaining Proposals for State University Police Association (Unit 8) and United Auto Workers Local 4123 (Unit 11)(Committee on Collective Bargaining)
  • Status report on internal audits. (Committee on Audit)
    Audit topics include:
    1. Information Security: review of the systems in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and access/availability of information including systems to limit collection of information, control access to data and assure that individuals with access to data do not utilize the data for unauthorized purposes, encrypt data in storage and transmission, and implement physical and logical security measures for all sources
    2. Student Records and Registration: database recordkeeping and registration systems procedures for creating and changing records, and security measures protecting against unauthorized or inadvertent modification, removal, or destruction of records
    3. Information Systems: Disaster Recovery, Common Management Systems (CMS), and Web Security and financial internal controls for both campus (FISMA) and auxiliary audits
  • Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi is proposing a resolution to cap student fee levels and restrict future fee increases to the rate of inflation. (Committee on Finance)
    The proposed resolution:
    1. The California State University will stabilize student fees by capping fees and by limiting future student fee increases to the rate of inflation; and
    2. The Trustees and the University representatives will keep the Legislature and the Governor apprised of the state budget resources required to adequately fund the University; and
    3. Where appropriate, the University will seek savings from administrative efficiencies to reduce the cost to the state of adequately funding the University.
  • Proposal to raise student fees (Committee on Finance)
  • Revisions to the Student Fee Policy, including provisions to modify reporting and make it easier for campus presidents to raise fees (by eliminating the requirements for prior review by the fee advisory committee and a request to the chancellor). (Committee on Finance)
  • Conceptual Approval of a Public/Public Partnership Project at San José State University with the City of San José for a Joint Use Sports Field Complexconsisting of four lighted, synthetic sports fields, a concession stand with administrative space for the complex management, parking, one basketball court and three volleyball courts on approximately 13 acres of campus property. The City would finance the project and the University would be responsible for its pro rata share of the operations and maintenance of the facilities. (Committee on Finance)
  • Authorization of bonds and notes in an amount not-to-exceed $155,380,000 (Committee on Finance)
  • Proposal to approve an increase in the authorized amount of the California State University’s Commercial Paper Program from $250 Million to $500 Million. (Committee on Finance)
  • Proposed Schedule of Board of Trustees’ Meetings, 2009: January 27-28, March 24-25, May 12-13, July 21, September 22-23, November 17-18. This schedule reflects an attempt to reduce the overlap between CSU Board of Trustees and UC Board of Regents meeting schedules. The overlap between the two systems' schedules makes it difficult for ex-officio members of the Board to attend. (Committee on Organization and Rules)

About Trustees Meetings

For the most part, the discussion happens in the Committee meetings, and then the full Board meets in Plenary session and approves whatever is before it. The Board seldom says no to internal (Trustee- or CSU-generated) agenda items.

The open sessions are open to anyone at all, and there is no sign-in or identification requirement. You can just go and watch if you're interested.

The (as yet unapproved) minutes of the previous meetings are in the agendas for the current meeting.

Anyone can address the Board of Trustees, or write to them. To write, use the mailing address on the second page of the current meeting schedule or the email address list compiled by Ronnie Grant.


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