Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Board of Trustees Meeting Report

  • CSUEU President Pat Gantt addressed the Trustees, complimenting the California State Student Association (CSSA) on the student rally at the capitol, and stating there are no better advocates than the students themselves. He mentioned the governor's proposed borrowing from the state lottery and sales tax increase, and noted that our continued lobbying in support of the CSU budget during the summer was critical.
  • CSUEU Vice President for Representation Dennis Dillon addressed the Trustees, thanking Chancellor Reed for his improved approach to Human Relations at the CSU, and stating that our dialogue with the CSU has recently been more meaningful and hopeful.
  • CSUEU Bargaining Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee addressed the Trustees Committee on Collective Bargaining, urging them to address the workload issue, which will likely worsen as the CSU's budget deteriorates. Increasing demand for the work done by staff, without increasing staffing levels, is a path to disaster which will not be fixed by CSU leadership hiding their heads in the sand.
  • The Trustees approved a student fee increase of 10%. In an article titled State fees might make Ivy League look cheap, the San Diego Union-Tribune says Ivy League and other elite colleges may soon be cheaper for some of the state's top students than California's public universities. A succession of students and employee representatives, including CSUEU leaders, spoke against the fee increase. As a courtesy to Lt. Governor Garamendi, the Board of Trustees considered the student fee increase earlier than indicated on the agenda, so as to allow the Lt. Governor to take his travelling road show to the UC Regents meeting. Garamendi recently penned an opinion piece for the Pasadena Star-News titled Opening university doors for all, where he wrote:
    As the state budget is debated, we in California must make a critical decision - whether to continue to invest in our future or to abandon the historical commitment to public investment that built the Golden State. We cannot abandon our responsibility to future generations. We must increase our investment in public education and at the same time implement serious reforms to dramatically improve the quality of public education.
  • As noted previously, the Trustees announced their selection of Jon S. Whitmore to be the next president of San José State University.


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