Friday, May 16, 2008

Call-Back Is By Administrators Only

A reminder: call-back work must be assigned by an administrator, per the contract (and confirmed again this week by CSUEU Vice President for Representation Dennis Dillon and CSUEU President Pat Gantt).

For example, if an application or job stalls or produces an error during off-hours, a programmer or system administrator cannot be called back to work by a rank-and-file employee such as a computer operator. An administrator must be the one to call the employee back to work. The manager cannot delegate this call-back authority. Further, a machine cannot assign call-back work: if an automated monitoring system sends alerts about a computer system, that is informational. The automated system cannot make a work assignment. If the situation isn't important enough to disturb an administrator, it isn't important enough to interrupt an employee's home life or sleep.

Here's the relevant contract language:


19.17 Call-back work is work performed at a time outside of and not continuous with an employee's regular work schedule. An employee called back to work shall receive no less than three (3) hours pay at the overtime rate unless such call-back is within three (3) hours of the beginning of the employee's next shift, in which case the employee shall only be paid for the hours remaining before the beginning of the employee's next shift.

19.18 An employee may be called back to work at the discretion of the appropriate administrator. The appropriate administrator shall endeavor to assign call-back work on a volunteer basis. If no volunteers are available, or in an emergency situation, the employee who is called back shall be required to work.

If this contract provision is being violated on your campus, please file a grievance. Please contact Bargaining Unit 9 Chair Rich McGee if you have questions or comments, or need support or assistance of any kind.


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