Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Humboldt Too Exciting: Bomb Scare

Humboldt State had some excitement yesterday: three cardboard boxes taped to campus buildings as a prank prompted a bomb scare and evacuation of six buildings. The boxes had been placed at least as early as last Thursday, and were reported to campus police on Monday morning by an employee. One package bore the words We will destroy your city and university police treated the packages as potentially containing explosives or booby traps. The students responsible turned themselves in and said they thought passersby would find the boxes interesting and wonder how they'd been placed in locations such as a second-story ledge. The emergency text-message system was not used for this incident because it was not a campus-wide emergency or evacuation.

Earlier in the year Humboldt State had a real live (small) fire in the music building. The fire is rumored on campus to be the result of toilet paper being stored too close to a water heater, but reported on the University web site as having started in a metal trash container in a custodial closet. Faculty sounded the alarm and evacuated the building. There was some smoke and water damage, but no one was hurt. One of three fire department vehicles responding got bogged down in a soggy lawn while trying to get to the affected building. The emergency text-message system was not activated for this incident either.

We hope your campus is less interesting (in the sense of the reputed Chinese curse).


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