Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LSS Already In Use As Job Title

Sami Lange, a Library Services Specialist (LSS) at Sonoma State University, recently published an article titled NextGen: Why I Went Parapro in Library Journal. Though the LSS classification itself is not yet in place, LSS is evidently already in use as a working title. [It's common for job titles to differ from the name of the classification the job falls under: for example, a person classified as an Information Technology Consultant (ITC) might have a working title of Computer Lab Manager.]

As a Library Services Specialist at Sonoma State, I am in a unique situation. My job presents me with the opportunity to observe, talk to, and work with several professional librarians. I spend many hours each week working in a range of departments: reference, circulation, instruction, marketing, and the art gallery. With different librarians and different responsibilities in each area, I can easily compare and evaluate the similarities and the differences among the departments and understand the strengths and talents required of each area of librarianship. It is not only great work experience, it is great personal experience.

Thanks to Christine Thomas, from Chapter 319 (Pomona) and a member of the LSS Classification Implementation bargaining team, for alerting us to this article.


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