Friday, May 9, 2008

Spouses and Partners of Bullying Targets Needed for Study

The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) is seeking spouses or partners of people bullied at work for a study, until May 18. It looks as if the study participation consists of a simple phone interview.

Dr. Gary Namie, co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute, was a speaker at the CSEA 2002 Women's Conference. His book, The Bully at Work, is an excellent resource and educational tool for stewards and employees.

An awful lot of the cases we work on come down to workplace bullying, one way or another. WBI lists these characteristics of typical bullying targets:

  1. independent, refuses to act subserviently,
  2. is more technically skilled than the bully,
  3. is better liked, has emotional inteligence and social skills, and
  4. has the honesty and ethics of a whistleblower.
Sound familiar?


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