Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Contract: One Evaluation Per Year for Permanent Employees

There's been some confusion floating around about the frequency of employee performance evaluations. For permanent employees, evaluations are annual, as in once per year. There is no provision in the contract for more frequent evaluations of permanent employees.

Like many things in our contract, the frequency of evaluations is given with a general rule, followed by more specific language for exceptions.

The General Rule

10.1 Permanent employees shall be subject to annual performance evaluations.

Some managers seem to be proceeding on the language in a previous contract, which arguably permitted more frequent evaluations. Our current contract language is clear: the 2007-2009 contract specifies annual evaluations – not at least annual or annual or more frequent or any variation thereof.

Merriam-Webster Online defines annual as occurring or happening every year or once a year.

Exceptions to Annual Evaluations

The exceptions are probationary and temporary employees.

10.5 A probationary employee shall be evaluated by the end of the third (3rd), sixth (6th), and eleventh (11th) month of the probationary period, unless the employee has earlier been rejected during probation.

10.6 A temporary employee shall be evaluated at periodic intervals.

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